Marketing and Promotional Services ...
Pharmaserve provides a professional sales and marketing organization, which is able to develop in conjunction with their clients, a strategic marketing plan for the region ensuring that the principal’s corporate and brand values are maintained.
  • Sales forecast and marketing strategies are developed using Pharmaserve’s regional expertise to obtain maximum marketing penetration.
  • With Pharmaserve’s regional support, clients make sure that local tender demand situations can be responded to quickly and efficiently.
  • Pharmaserve provides total support for new product registration procedures in each market.
  • From the central warehouse in Jebel Ali, Pharmaserve can provide better distribution feasibility over promotional material such as samples and literature to individual markets.
  • Monthly To-Market Stock and Sales Report
  • Quarterly In-Market Sales Report

    By Market and/or Consolidated for the region. Optionally, Pharmaserve can create customized reports or set up online reporting.
Promotional Activities

As part of Pharmaserve’s commitment to the excellence of quality service, professional sales representatives are hired in individual markets to attain optimum business flow.
  • Pharmaserve’s sales staff is professionally trained to promote client’s pharmaceutical items for medical professionals and to follow up.
  • Regular sales training workshops are held to maintain high standards of performance for the field forces.
  • Necessary professional back up is provided from the regional office in Dubai, whenever required.
  • In their efforts to achieve maximum penetration, Pharmaserve’s sales representatives continuously keep searching new outlets, better market share, attractive business deals and exclusive customer relations.